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  • Will he be touring any time soon?

  • Tom Waits has just finished a tour. This was not like the mega-tours you see for some artists now, but I hope you got to see him perform. It was not to be missed. I don't know when he will perform again, but if I do know it will be published.

  • Why does he dislike giving concerts so much?

  • He has said that he couldn't laugh when watching 'Spinal Tap', because it was too real for him. Some of his later music also inhibits him since he has used the studio more and with different and one-time only band members. I think he enjoys the time with his family and still doesn't like all of the attention that touring brings.

  • How do I get in contact with Tom Waits?

  • At the current time, Tom Waits does not seem to have a PR agency or a public mailing address. I assume if you are trying to use his music for some project, call his record label (Anti Records). If you want to talk to him or meet him, you will have to find him.

  • Did he really file suit against Frito-Lay, Inc?

  • Waits v. Frito-Lay, Inc., 978 F.2d 1093 (9th Cir. 1992) Frito Lay, Inc. used the sound of `Step Right Up' from Small Change for a commercial and didn't think anyone would notice. Tom Waits won the suit and then Frito-Lay, Inc. sued him for some sort of embarrassment which they did not win.
    "If Michael Jackson wants to work for Pepsi, why doesn't he just get himself a suit and an office in their headquarters and be done with it"

  • How many other lawsuits has Tom had to deal with?

  • SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - California's highest court has refused to revive a lawsuit against folk singer Tom Waits by a company that wanted to make an album of his early songs.
    In 1993, Third Story Music proposed making an album of old Waits songs. The company held exclusive rights to his songs from 1972 to 1983 and had contracts with Elektra/Asylum to make, promote and sell the record. But at Waits' insistence, the proposed album was rejected by Elektra/Asylum's parent company, Warner Communications, Third Story said. Warner cited a clause in the contract that gave it veto power on the album.
    Third Story sued Waits, but the case was dismissed. That ruling was upheld on appeal in December, and the high court refused to review it Thursday.
    AP-DS-03-22-96 0250EST

  • Does he have a family?

  • Yes. He is married to Kathleen Brennan and has 3 children, Kellesimone (born 1983), Casey Xavier (born 1985), and Sullivan (born 1993?).

  • Where does he live now?

  • He definitely lives in California, but people assure me that they all know in what city he lives. He is definitely North of the Oakland area, but I think his street address is for him and his friends to know!

  • Did Tom Waits once live as a bum on the streets of Denver?

  • The employees at "Terminal Bar & Grill" - corner of 17th and Wazee - know Tom Waits as one of the colorful characters who once frequented the place. The others apparently included Neil Cassady and Jack Kerouac. I don't think he visited "Terminal" as a bum, though.

  • Why does Tom Waits have such fascination with shoes?

  • During many appearances on TV and concerts, Tom shows or receives much interest in his shoes. Tom seems to consider them something like a metaphor to his life. He has said something to the effect that an old pair of shoes, your old pair of shoes wear out in the same pattern. That's just the way you walk. This pattern on the bottom of your shoes is a document of your life travels. When your life is dull and monotonous and you're in a rut, just look at the bottom of your shoes. That's where the rut of your life is documented. You want to change things? Throw out your shoes, or try a pair of different type shoes which willl wear out in a different pattern. Tom's evolving musical career is a testament to throwing out the old pattern of doing things and attempting something new and innnovative.
    May not be true, but it sounds good, doesn't it?

  • Do Tom Waits fans ever get together to celebrate his music and persona?

  • There have been several annual and non-annual celebrations concerning Tom Waits. If you are looking for a meetup take a look on the Forums. There is a section dedicated to meetups there.

  • Has Tom got throat cancer?

  • This rumor circulated since the mid 80's when Tom stopped touring so much, allied to his early years lifestyle, smoking, and his gnarled and growly voice. He's still here and still performing.

  • Is that Tom in Aliens 3, City of the Lost Children, Name of the Rose etc?

  • No, it's Ron Perlman. He does look and sound remarkably like Tom in some of his roles, but in others not so much. There's a list of his movies here

  • Is that Tom on the cover of Raindogs?

  • The "Rain dogs" cover picture was taken by the swedish photographer Anders Petersen. It is part of a collection with pictures from some kind of hospital (I think, not sure though, that it was a hospital for mentally ill people). Rumour has it that Tom saw the picture at an exhibition and asked permission to use it as a cover photo.

  • Who is Chuck E. Weiss?

  • An L.A. lounge musician whom is a friend of Tom Waits that has a band called 'Chuck E. Weiss and the Goddamn Liars'. He is mentioned in a few Tom Waits songs and featured in Rickie Lee Jones' 'Chuck E's in Love'.


    (The above data supplied with permission from Seth Neilson)


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